Understanding Your Target Market! – Playmaker U

19 Dec

In hopes of offering the best to its full potential to the target market of 18-24 years, this concept will help to gain a clear understanding of what categories their consumers fall under in terms of online activity.  According to Groundswell, Playmaker U could really utilize the concept of the Social Technographics ladder shifting their emphasis on their Generation Y demographics.  Check out this link!

This target market group are young men and women likely to be Joiners, with around 60 percent who are active participators of Social Media.  That is twice the level of participation of average adults however; most blogs, video uploads, forum discussion, and/or RSS-based initiatives are more likely to attract men than women.  Furthermore, women in Generation Y are still significantly higher in participating than average but just not as much as the male gender.  This would be very beneficial for Playmaker U, as there are hundreds upon hundreds of Facebook groups for example that can easily be tagged with keywords.  It will also be a good idea for Playmaker U to determine and monitor the target market’s activity  through the use of this innovative tool.  Thus, enabling them to see who is more a Creator (actively participates most, uploads videos, posts, blogs etc) and view who is at the bottom like Spectators (participates the least, only read discussion forums, posts, watch videos etc).
In identifying the target market better, it could potentially help Playmaker U focus better on those highest active participants who show more interest in sports and possibly building their athletic skills.

Challenge Yourself! How Far Are You Willing To Go?

16 Dec

Are you ready for the next level or how about an amazing opportunity to further yourself beyond your limits?  Playmaker U Inc. is where your next training development should be!  Here is an easier way to get connected.

For those young individuals between ages of 18 – 24, high school/college level – looking to improve your athletic skills,  then I strongly advise you to use key words such as  to conduct your search effectively.  This will help you access the proper training you need but will also take you there much faster!


High School/College Football – In Canada Not As Popular As USA But Still Growing

15 Dec

It’s no big surprise to many of us Canadians that when it comes to Football with Canada and US, our neighbors down south still have us beat in terms of popularity.  But why does it have to be so much harder to gain exposure for great football talent even though were really not that far away from each other?  With quality professional training camps like Playmaker U Inc., it really makes a huge difference for any individual to reach their athletic potential.

People – In Canada, the right kind of exposure can come from the right help source but many people don’t know where to start their search.  Looking online first nowadays to check and see where to start, is a growing trend, which helps to obtain knowledge, feedback, reviews as well as, be a part of a community.  Playmaker U uses many different sources of reaching out to it’s target market by using various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin etc., just to name a few.  This is excellent for public relations for Playmaker U, as athletes are able to engage and participate further.

Objectives – It’s a great tool for Playmaker U to have the use of Social Media in their business, as it helps create an area where people with the same desires can look for help, share opinions etc.  Great testimonials are given and stories from professionals and great rising star athletes that have very similar nature to many young upcoming athletes.  This helps to keep an eye on what the customers are sharing in terms of what they are impressed most with, and if there is anything perhaps they would like to see more of.

Strategy – Through listening to their athlete customers and gaining good feedback, Playmaker U is able to absorb customer needs better.  As they specialize in football, Kamau Peterson – Trainer (Director/Founder) has other programs available that trains some of the top Hockey, Basketball, Track, Soccer and Baseball players in the area.  This helps to allow strategic plans of reaching a broader audience widening the scope of the social media community, as well as, much quicker.  Useful insight could potentially save and reduce financial costs for Playmaker U that might not been originally anticipated.


Technology – The use of Playmaker U’s public website is a great source of technological strategies they incorporate in their structure.  The company uses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin for social media marketing to provide aspiring athletes with information, interaction, and feedback while staying connected.  Social media sites are the largest foundation in user interaction and allows Playmaker U to speak directly to their customers.  Since nowadays, about two thirds of the population carry smartphones, people can stay connected with the various applications geared towards the company’s latest news posts, blogs and information.  Social media is everywhere you go with your phone so it’s that easy to see what’s happening.  Blogs and posts from both Playmaker U and consumers helps build a stronger reputation and lasting relationships.

Playmaker U – Pushing Your Limits and The Opportunity For Real Exposure

14 Dec

Did you ever have a dream when you were a kid of being a professional sports player one day?  Why not make that dream into a reality?  This is your chance to help your football talent get the recognition is deserves!  Playmaker U is a football training camp focused on athletic skill development for passionate football prodigies between ages of 18-24 yrs mainly high school/university level.  Pushing yourself to your full potential is our main goal.

Parents or coaches seeking private or group football skills training for young upcoming athletes, this is your chance for exposure!  If you want to reach your full potential with extensive training by professionals this is what you’ve been waiting for.  We will train you in improving such key areas as, Sport specific skill development (football), speed/power/agility training, passing plus much more!

Check this video out — Kamau Peterson PlaymakerU Football Camp in Edmontonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52yoWbIv36A&feature=share via @youtube

Passing Camps Extensive Passing training

 Power Development/Speed/ Agility

 Professionals football players training and molding young talent into possible future professional football players!

Best Buy – Innovation Right Down To The Root! (Chapter 11: Groundswell)

9 Dec

The importance of customer feedback is important for any business, as we all know, but it is also just as important to have the feedback from employees as well.  Not a lot of companies have incorporated such a business structure into their strategy however; for those who have like Best Buy, it has been a great success story!  Blue Shirt Nation originally started out on a server from under the desk of Gary Koelling and formed an internal community sight for Best Buy employees with the help of Steve Bendt.

This innovation not only helps out management of Best Buy but it also helps enables employees to help each other in cases of need.  Many important decisions can be made here with this innovative tool.  Some that could prevent many losses as well, with simple feedback.  I’ve worked for many companies and one that stands out in my mind was working for a courier company years ago, and this would’ve been a great tool for us.  This a an excellent communications tool for various things.  A company can really prevent and determine solutions for problems with it.  It’s inspiring to see social media innovation like this as it is an idea improved from another idea and Im hoping to do something similar for a company some day!

Your Brand is What Your Customers Say It is! (Chapter 5 Groundswell)

8 Dec

A business is only as good as the public who really make it out to be that way .  Success is determined by the consumers satisfaction and feedback.  You can have the best products but if service is lacking in some ways, it will hurt a person’s business.  In the business world, it can potentially take years to develop a reputable proud name however; it only can take five minutes to ultimately tarnish a company name as well!  Nowadays, Social media plays a huge role in marketing for many companies, which ultimately can make or break a company.  Smartphone technology, Ipads, etc have made it easier for individuals to stay connected with not only each other but many different companies as well.  Therefore, allowing anyone to have access to information no matter where they go now.

In reference to reputable companies, it is absolutely necessary for them to have feedback cycle loops incorporated into their business structure.  Listening to your customers is a priceless form of conducting marketing research for having questions answered that may arise from companies.  The M.D. Anderson Cancer treatment center uses two effective listening strategies, (Setting up own private community)-focus group type, and (Brand Monitoring)-hiring a company to observe blogs, forums etc.  There can be big potential and it usually pays off to have information researched.  Using Social Technographics allows for consistency relevant to looking for ways of improving, and making adjustments where they are necessary corresponding to the research conducted.  Know and fully understand your product or brand and really taking a listen to your customers is crucial!

Never Too Old For Lego!

8 Dec

As Groundswell has shown, children are not the only ones still loving the brick-building toys.  Adults are also still weighing in on the Lego excitement from their youth.  Eric Kingsley (Considered a Creator) is a huge Lego fan, staying relatively active in the Lego User Group Network (LUGNET) frequently posting and uploading photos.  Eric continuously displays his passion and is very well-known to the Lego world.  Joe Comeau (Considered a Critic) is another one of those Lego enthusiasts who purchases approximately $4000 per year on Lego.  Joe makes a really good relevant point regarding someone coming up with an idea and building upon it.  A very smart innovative concept indeed.  Joe frequently engages in such forums as LUGNET’s, contributing to many discussions from Lego trains to BrikWars, a Lego fantasy war game.

Another Lego fan would be Linda Nee (Considered a Spectator) who spends a great deal of time and money on Lego as well however; when it comes to the online forums, she does not participate much only reads others views.  According to Groundswell, it is absolutely important to know who is online in terms of your target market.  The Social technographics is an excellent tool, which allows people in business to examine and then create strategies based on the groundswell tendencies of any group of people, anywhere.  It really helps to identify and determine better who they target market should be emphasized on.  Important factors to consider such as age group, generation type, where they fall into which category on the Social Technographics Ladder from Creators to Inactives, should really play a strong role in targeting demographics to pursue.  Staying active in this ladder is essential in remaining updated to the several categories and a beneficial marketing strategy!