8 Dec

When it comes to any business and its progress, feedback is important.  It is essential to know just how consumers are responding to your overall structure.  In Chapter 3 of the Social Media Marketing textbook, it discusses this as a Guidepost.  I believe this to be an extremely valuable tool for a business especially a competitive one like the health/fitness industry to incorporate a feedback loop.  For a number of years I had limited knowledge about what it takes to get into the shape I wanted to be in.  I’ve been to many different supplement stores and had few to little results due to the lack of education and poor business structure of those places.  In our technologically changed world, we can now easily connect much better to our important information.

Social media has given us such an advantage in how we give and receive information especially when it comes to customer feedback.  This allows consumers to be more empowered to make better shopping decisions.  In my situation, I was tired of seeing limited results so went online and discovered Popeye’s had a lot more to offer than I anticipated.  For every product they pretty much make available a thorough description of what it is and the benefits as well.  The social feedback cycle can be very useful in knowing where things are falling weaker and identifying strengths better.  Im impressed at the direction it is going as it is more in favor now of the consumer.


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