Never Too Old For Lego!

8 Dec

As Groundswell has shown, children are not the only ones still loving the brick-building toys.  Adults are also still weighing in on the Lego excitement from their youth.  Eric Kingsley (Considered a Creator) is a huge Lego fan, staying relatively active in the Lego User Group Network (LUGNET) frequently posting and uploading photos.  Eric continuously displays his passion and is very well-known to the Lego world.  Joe Comeau (Considered a Critic) is another one of those Lego enthusiasts who purchases approximately $4000 per year on Lego.  Joe makes a really good relevant point regarding someone coming up with an idea and building upon it.  A very smart innovative concept indeed.  Joe frequently engages in such forums as LUGNET’s, contributing to many discussions from Lego trains to BrikWars, a Lego fantasy war game.

Another Lego fan would be Linda Nee (Considered a Spectator) who spends a great deal of time and money on Lego as well however; when it comes to the online forums, she does not participate much only reads others views.  According to Groundswell, it is absolutely important to know who is online in terms of your target market.  The Social technographics is an excellent tool, which allows people in business to examine and then create strategies based on the groundswell tendencies of any group of people, anywhere.  It really helps to identify and determine better who they target market should be emphasized on.  Important factors to consider such as age group, generation type, where they fall into which category on the Social Technographics Ladder from Creators to Inactives, should really play a strong role in targeting demographics to pursue.  Staying active in this ladder is essential in remaining updated to the several categories and a beneficial marketing strategy!


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