Your Brand is What Your Customers Say It is! (Chapter 5 Groundswell)

8 Dec

A business is only as good as the public who really make it out to be that way .  Success is determined by the consumers satisfaction and feedback.  You can have the best products but if service is lacking in some ways, it will hurt a person’s business.  In the business world, it can potentially take years to develop a reputable proud name however; it only can take five minutes to ultimately tarnish a company name as well!  Nowadays, Social media plays a huge role in marketing for many companies, which ultimately can make or break a company.  Smartphone technology, Ipads, etc have made it easier for individuals to stay connected with not only each other but many different companies as well.  Therefore, allowing anyone to have access to information no matter where they go now.

In reference to reputable companies, it is absolutely necessary for them to have feedback cycle loops incorporated into their business structure.  Listening to your customers is a priceless form of conducting marketing research for having questions answered that may arise from companies.  The M.D. Anderson Cancer treatment center uses two effective listening strategies, (Setting up own private community)-focus group type, and (Brand Monitoring)-hiring a company to observe blogs, forums etc.  There can be big potential and it usually pays off to have information researched.  Using Social Technographics allows for consistency relevant to looking for ways of improving, and making adjustments where they are necessary corresponding to the research conducted.  Know and fully understand your product or brand and really taking a listen to your customers is crucial!


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