Best Buy – Innovation Right Down To The Root! (Chapter 11: Groundswell)

9 Dec

The importance of customer feedback is important for any business, as we all know, but it is also just as important to have the feedback from employees as well.  Not a lot of companies have incorporated such a business structure into their strategy however; for those who have like Best Buy, it has been a great success story!  Blue Shirt Nation originally started out on a server from under the desk of Gary Koelling and formed an internal community sight for Best Buy employees with the help of Steve Bendt.

This innovation not only helps out management of Best Buy but it also helps enables employees to help each other in cases of need.  Many important decisions can be made here with this innovative tool.  Some that could prevent many losses as well, with simple feedback.  I’ve worked for many companies and one that stands out in my mind was working for a courier company years ago, and this would’ve been a great tool for us.  This a an excellent communications tool for various things.  A company can really prevent and determine solutions for problems with it.  It’s inspiring to see social media innovation like this as it is an idea improved from another idea and Im hoping to do something similar for a company some day!


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