High School/College Football – In Canada Not As Popular As USA But Still Growing

15 Dec

It’s no big surprise to many of us Canadians that when it comes to Football with Canada and US, our neighbors down south still have us beat in terms of popularity.  But why does it have to be so much harder to gain exposure for great football talent even though were really not that far away from each other?  With quality professional training camps like Playmaker U Inc., it really makes a huge difference for any individual to reach their athletic potential.

People – In Canada, the right kind of exposure can come from the right help source but many people don’t know where to start their search.  Looking online first nowadays to check and see where to start, is a growing trend, which helps to obtain knowledge, feedback, reviews as well as, be a part of a community.  Playmaker U uses many different sources of reaching out to it’s target market by using various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin etc., just to name a few.  This is excellent for public relations for Playmaker U, as athletes are able to engage and participate further.

Objectives – It’s a great tool for Playmaker U to have the use of Social Media in their business, as it helps create an area where people with the same desires can look for help, share opinions etc.  Great testimonials are given and stories from professionals and great rising star athletes that have very similar nature to many young upcoming athletes.  This helps to keep an eye on what the customers are sharing in terms of what they are impressed most with, and if there is anything perhaps they would like to see more of.

Strategy – Through listening to their athlete customers and gaining good feedback, Playmaker U is able to absorb customer needs better.  As they specialize in football, Kamau Peterson – Trainer (Director/Founder) has other programs available that trains some of the top Hockey, Basketball, Track, Soccer and Baseball players in the area.  This helps to allow strategic plans of reaching a broader audience widening the scope of the social media community, as well as, much quicker.  Useful insight could potentially save and reduce financial costs for Playmaker U that might not been originally anticipated.


Technology – The use of Playmaker U’s public website is a great source of technological strategies they incorporate in their structure.  The company uses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin for social media marketing to provide aspiring athletes with information, interaction, and feedback while staying connected.  Social media sites are the largest foundation in user interaction and allows Playmaker U to speak directly to their customers.  Since nowadays, about two thirds of the population carry smartphones, people can stay connected with the various applications geared towards the company’s latest news posts, blogs and information.  Social media is everywhere you go with your phone so it’s that easy to see what’s happening.  Blogs and posts from both Playmaker U and consumers helps build a stronger reputation and lasting relationships.


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