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Understanding Your Target Market! – Playmaker U

19 Dec

In hopes of offering the best to its full potential to the target market of 18-24 years, this concept will help to gain a clear understanding of what categories their consumers fall under in terms of online activity.  According to Groundswell, Playmaker U could really utilize the concept of the Social Technographics ladder shifting their emphasis on their Generation Y demographics.  Check out this link!

This target market group are young men and women likely to be Joiners, with around 60 percent who are active participators of Social Media.  That is twice the level of participation of average adults however; most blogs, video uploads, forum discussion, and/or RSS-based initiatives are more likely to attract men than women.  Furthermore, women in Generation Y are still significantly higher in participating than average but just not as much as the male gender.  This would be very beneficial for Playmaker U, as there are hundreds upon hundreds of Facebook groups for example that can easily be tagged with keywords.  It will also be a good idea for Playmaker U to determine and monitor the target market’s activity  through the use of this innovative tool.  Thus, enabling them to see who is more a Creator (actively participates most, uploads videos, posts, blogs etc) and view who is at the bottom like Spectators (participates the least, only read discussion forums, posts, watch videos etc).
In identifying the target market better, it could potentially help Playmaker U focus better on those highest active participants who show more interest in sports and possibly building their athletic skills.